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Jonathan Evans 


84 Monarch Circle 

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

561-715-4204 (cell)




FCAS, Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society 2001 

FSA, Fellow of the Society of Actuaries 2013 

CERA, Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst 2013 

MAAA, Member of the American Academy of Actuaries 1998




• Reinsurance, submission underwriting evaluation and negotiation of terms 

• Original Problem Solving, particularly where mathematical and statistical issues are central 

• Model Building 

• Enterprise Risk Management 

• Predictive Modeling and Individual Account Pricing 

• Limited and Excess Layer Ratemaking and Reserving 

• Reserve Variability 

• Catastrophe Modeling 

• Workers Compensation 

• Medical Malpractice 

• Automobile Extended Warranty 




2022 – Present Jaffa Management, Clifton, NJ 

EVP of Actuarial Services 


○ Underwriting evaluation of submissions 

○ Negotiation of terms 

○ Estimation of loss reserves and underwriting results 

○ Strategizing and planning for the marketplace 


2020 – 2022 Everest Re Group, Warren, NJ 

Senior Actuary, AVP 

Financial Risk Modeling 

○ Led review of vendor economic scenario generators 

○ Managed external consultant review of internal mortgage model 

○ Led development of replacement counterparty credit risk database 

○ Led development of counterparty credit risk model 

○ Prepared independent reserve analysis and preparation for equity analysts’ commentary

Workers Compensation and Commercial Lines: 

○ Updated and redesigned State grade analysis 

○ Redesigned dashboard 

○ Reviewed catastrophe model 

○ Performed competitor analysis 

○ Prepared rate filings 

○ Designed excess layer ratemaking analysis 


2014 - 2020 Convergent Actuarial Service, Inc., Delray Beach, FL 


Provided consulting, regulatory, and litigation support services: 

○ Property, Liability, and Casualty lines of business 

○ Insurance, Reinsurance, Self-insurance, Captives, Alternative Risk Transfers, and Residual Markets 

○ Ratemaking, Reserving, Predictive Modeling, and Enterprise Risk Management 


Some Major Specific Projects 

○ Completed first time actuarial reports for 3 different risk managers, each running groups of policies with dividend plans placed with a residual market insurer, ranging in size from $75m to $230m in gross annual premium 

○ Completed rewriting an existing loss opinion report from another actuary for a large state residual insurer, approximately $300m in annual premium, to include more modern methods, reserve variability (Mack Method), extensive documentation, and references to actuarial literature 

○ Retained as an expert witness for a statistical issue affecting a liability claim 

○ Completed a predictive modeling rate relativity analysis for a medical malpractice insurer. 

○ Completed first time multifactor predictive rate model for extended auto warranty company. 

○ Assisted to a state insurance department in the actuarial review and solvency projection of a distressed small insurer. 




• Developed and gave presentations at most of the quarterly Actuarial Committee Meetings and periodic Individual Risk Rating Working Group Meetings with external industry affiliates held since beginning in 2002 

• Participated in analysis, research, and development of the Experience Rating Program and the Retrospective Rating Program; including NCCI's ELFs and Table M; including allocation of individual projects to team members in a comprehensive review of the Experience Rating Plan 

• Assisted research and development of loss reserving methodology for residual markets 

• Designed and performed analysis of catastrophe modeling results for terrorism, earthquakes, and large industrial accidents; related industry solvency analysis; and support for filings related to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act

2000 - 2002 SAFECO BUSINESS INSURANCE, Indianapolis, IN 

Associate Actuary 

• Performed special studies focusing on various aspects of primary rating and underwriting structure 

• Performed special studies focusing on reinsurance, both ceded and assumed, both rating and reserving 

• Signed loss reserve opinions in 2001 for two reinsurance companies owned by Swiss Re 


1998 - 1999 KEMPER, Long Grove, IL 

Assistant Actuary 

• Ran Personal lines ratemaking spreadsheets 

• Ran catastrophe models and developed analysis of output 


1997 - 1998 WILLIS FABER, Stoney Creek, NC 

Actuarial Analyst 

● Ran catastrophe models and developed analysis of output 

● Maintained and updated Self-insurance funding analysis 


1996 - 1997 AON RE SERVICES, Chicago, IL 

Actuarial Technician 

● Ran catastrophe models and developed analysis of output 

● Performed reinsurance analysis 

● Developed rates studies for claims made professional liability 


1994 - 1996 KPMG, Chicago, IL 

Associate Technician 

● Maintained and updated reserve analysis for actuarial opinions 

● Maintained and updated self-insurance funding reports 



• R programming language 

• SQL databases 

• Microsoft Office (including Access) 

• PowerBI 

• WinBUGS, a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) software package similar to Stan, JAGS, BUGS, etc. 

• Wolfram Mathematica 




• Conference of Consulting Actuaries seminar on The Consulting Actuary as Expert Witness, Boca Raton, FL, October 24-25, 2012 

• Casualty Actuarial Society Loss Reserve Seminar, Mock Trial Session, San Diego, CA, September 15, 2014 

• Retained as an expert witness for a statistical issue affecting a liability claim




2002 - 2011  Joint SOA/CAS Course 4/C Exam Committee 

2006 - 2008   CAS Syllabus Committee 

2007 - 2009   CAS Implementation Task Force for the Education Paper on Ratemaking 

2011 - 2012   CAS Committee on Valuation, Finance, and Investments 

2012 - 2012   CAS Preliminary Education Task Force 

2012 - 2014   CAS Risk Management Committee 

2012 - present   CAS Member Advisory Panel 

2014 - 2020   AAA Casualty Practice Council Workers’ Compensation Committee 

2014 - 2017   (2015-2017 chair) AAA Casualty Practice Council Property Lines Committee 


"Can Long Tailed Lines of Business Really Afford Higher Loss Ratios?" 

Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Winter 2002 

"Exposure Rating Casualty Reinsurance Excess Layers with Closed Form Annuity Models" 

Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Spring 2005


"Exposure Rating Loss Layers: Unifying the Property Perspective of Severity with the Liability Perspective of Frequency" 

Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Fall 2001


"Forecasting Workers Compensation Severities and Frequency Using the Kalman Filter" 

coauthor with Schmid, Frank 

Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Winter 2007


"Modeling the Solvency Impact of TRIA on the Workers Compensation Insurance Industry" 

coauthor with Shuford, Harry 

Casualty Actuarial Society Discussion Paper Program 2005


"Pitfalls in the Probability of Ruin Type Risk Management" 

Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Fall 2001 

"Simple Practical Estimation of Sub-Portfolio Catastrophe Loss Exceedance Curves with Limited Information" 

Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Spring 2005


"Earthquake Exposure in Workers Compensation" 

coauthor with Barry Lipton, FCAS, MAAA 

NCCI Workers Compensation Issues Report 


"Gaining Perspective on the Relative Cost of Medical Services By Age of 

Claim and Accident Year—Complete Study" 

coauthor with John Robertson 

NCCI Issues Brief 2006


"Workers Compensation Excess Development" 

NCCI Issues Brief 2007


"Workers Compensation Excess Loss Development" 

NCCI Issues Brief 2011

"Introduction to the National Council on Compensation Insurance Experience Rating Plan and Its Actuarial Methodology” 

Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Winter 2014


"The Recent Review and Changes to the NCCI Individual Risk Experience Rating Plan” 

-Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Winter 2014 

-Casualty Actuarial Society Variance, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2015


"The Optimal Number of Quantiles For Predictive Performance Testing of the NCCI Experience Rating Plan” 

coauthor with Curtis Gary Dean 

-Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Winter 2014 

-Casualty Actuarial Society Variance, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2014


"Tail Factor Convergence in Sherman’s Inverse Power Curve Loss Development Factor Model” 

-Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Fall 2014 

-Casualty Actuarial Society Variance, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2015


"A Continuous Version of Sherman’s Inverse Power Curve Model with Simple Cumulative Development Factor Formulas” 

-Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Fall 2014 

-Casualty Actuarial Society Variance, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2015


"Minimum Bias, GLMs, and Credibility in the Context of Predictive Modeling” 

coauthor with Christopher Gross 

-Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Winter 2017 

-Casualty Actuarial Society Variance, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2018 

“Applying Maximum Entropy Distributions To Determine Actuarial Models” 

-anticipated to appear soon in: Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Winter 2020



“Discussion Paper Program: Modeling the Solvency Impact of TRIA on the Workers Compensation Insurance Industry” 

2005 Spring Meeting


“Workers Compensation Excess Development” 

2007 Annual Meeting 

“The New NCCI Hazard Groups” 

2007 Spring Meeting


“Catastrophe Modeling and Actuarial Applications” 

2007 Iowa Actuarial Club


“Workers Compensation Excess Development” 

2008 Seminar on Reinsurance 

“The NCCI Experience Rating Plan, Some Background and Recent Developments” 

2010 Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar 2010


“Workers Compensation Excess Loss Development” 

2011 Seminar on Reinsurance

“Workers Compensation Excess Loss Development” 

2012 Seminar on Reinsurance 

“The Challenge of Categorizing, Characterizing, and Communicating Reserve Variability and Ranges” 

2014 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar


“The Predictive Modeling Context with Minimum Bias, GLMs, And Credibility” 

2017 Spring Meeting


“Workers' Compensation Loss Development Tail Factors” 

2017 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar



● Declared one of three winners in the 2005 Casualty Actuarial Society Committee on the Theory of Risk Challenge, Round 2 competition in 2005 

● In 2001 won 3rd place out of over 250 entries in the 5th Anniversary of the CAS Website Contest 

● Ongoing contribution of original puzzles to “It’s a Puzzlement” column in the CAS Actuarial Review. See Aug. 2006, Aug. 2009, Aug. 2011, Feb. 2012, and Feb. 2013 through present (as of July 2022) 





Graduate Student in Math/Physics, 1989-1994 

Department of Education Fellowship 

Presidential Fellowship 

Spent one year of grad school at U.C. Berkeley, 1990-91, passed Ph.D. preliminary exam in Mathematics 


BA Physics, 1989



• University of Kentucky Academic Excellence Scholarship 

• National Merit Scholarship 

• Phi Beta Kappa

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